Mock Interview with experienced manager in tech

Book a session with me where we run through a mock interview.

Interview available for most positions in the tech industry:
- software developer
- product manager
- project manager
- development manager

Whether you are looking for a new job with no experience or you have some experience already, I can help you.

What you will get out of this:
- First, please send me your resume when you are booking a session with me.
-This will help me prepare and tailor the session.

In our session:
- First half
- I prep you with some tips on how you should communicate your resume in an interview

  • Second half
  • We do a mock interview

  • Wrapping up

  • We review how you did, what you can improve on and any other tips I will add.

Examples of the types of interviews I can do:
- interviewing for soft skills and leadership skills (for those in project manager, product manager, leadership roles).
- what kind of questions you should expect
- how you should frame your answers
- how to articulate your point clearly and concisely

  • interviewing for hard technical skills (for those in developer roles)
  • what technologies should you know, how to talk about your previous work experience, your project, in a way that conveys to the interview that you are capable of doing this job.

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