Tara O

For 20+ yrs I have supported the career and business journies for 1000's of people from around the world looking to build careers around the globe. Consulting with people in a multitude of careers from students to executives, including entrepreneurs, I help people develop strategies for career and business growth.

My expertise includes all facets of career development, branding, education, job search and business building. To learn more about me find me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/taraorchard/ and read the recommendations from my clients.

In addition to my background as a Career Professional, I was trained as a psychologist and I have worked as a Workplace Trainer, Writer and Social Media consultant. I am the Director of Strategy for a magazine leading their social media strategy.

One of my unique areas of expertise includes working with advanced degree holders, Masters, Phd's and Post-Docs. I have worked with researchers and faculty from around the world.

I also work with people across all industries and sectors, all facets of business, from finance, accounting and banking, marketing, sales, advertising and more, health care, technology, operations, manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, education, social services, and more. I have worked with people from astrophysicists to opera singers to zoologists. I love remaining agile and learning about all careers.

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