Mentor: jobs in Oil & Gas, Government and Engineering

If you are reading this you are most likely moving to Canada or already here! Hi my name is Dave Arora and I am an immigrant here in Calgary Alberta Canada for 40 plus years. You might say I am an expert in helping others find a new life here. I know how over whelming it is to start from scratch in a new country. I know how it feels when you feel like you don’t belong. The good news is that one day, sooner than you think, Canada will feel like home. You will look back at this time with fond memories as you start to explore this country with fresh eyes. I can promise you one thing, you will adjust and you will find a community of people just like you. I went through the hardships of adjusting to the hard long winters, new culture, and settling down with little financial stability. Uncertainty was the first word that comes to mind when I think of my first months in my new home. What I can tell you with certainty is that you are stronger than you think and 40 years later I can tell you this move was the best decision I ever made.
I have been mentoring new immigrants who are in the process of settling in Canada for over twenty years. With my real life experience and continued time working with other immigrants I have been able to help over 50 families adjust to the Canadian way of life.

I have worked in Government, Oil and Gas and many other sectors and gained invaluable experience and understanding of the corporate culture here in Canada and how to get ahead. As an immigrant myself, I am intimately familiar with the difficulties new immigrants face. I am here as your coach, friend and mentor to help you.

How we work together
During my first half an hour, we explore the specific challenges and obstacles, that you are currently facing in all aspects of your life to achieve your goals. Once we zero in on what you specifically need to move forward, I will help you put an action plan in place, where I will hold you accountable.
Wondering where we could start in this journey?
• resume writing
• interviewing
• language skills
• dealing with cultural differences,

• developing appropriate soft skills and
• prepare a plan and full fill your career and life goals
This service is available to anyone who needs assistance.
The first meeting:
1- Introduction
2- Understanding your current situation
3- Challenges you currently face
4- Where you would like to be
The Second and subsequent Meetings
In each subsequent meeting its agenda is determined from the outcome from the first meeting. One can choose to meet once or multiple times, until you have met your objectives. Each meeting is up too one hour long. After the first three hours, a follow up half an hour meeting is available. I am open to any alternate working arrangements, that you are able to call me anytime, you have need to talk to someone and need help and guidance.
Cost: First hour and any additional hour: $50.00

Advance commitment of three hours: $120.00
Follow up half an hour after three hours: 30.00

I am an Oil industry professional. I had applied and interviewed for several jobs in Canada, with no success. My resume was great and I had no shortage of international experience. Dave showed me, how to interview well in Canadian cultural context. I not only got a senior level job, but I have worked there for several years. Dave has been on my side, whenever I had any difficult situation, he helped to sort it through. Could not have done it without his continuous guidance.
Dave has been instrumental in getting me settled in Canada. When I came here with my family with two kids, I did not know, where to rent my house, what education, I needed to further my career, I just landed here without knowing what to expect. I came here just because I had a visa to come here. It is Dave, who guided me through the whole process and have been my mentor on an ongoing basis. Whenever I had an issue to discuss, I just picked up the phone and talked to him. I am well settled now, with a professional job as a senior executive at a major bank here. Thanks to Dave for his ongoing support in every step of the way I needed him. We have become lifelong friends. I still consult him in major decisions in my life. He is like having an uncle living in Canada to guide me in my day to day decisions.

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